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i-Chan (iちゃ ichan) is one of the main characters of season 2 of Corrector Yui.


A little girl who is always seen with a teddy bear when the Boggles virus is around. She is always searching for "sunflowers". Her picture was found within a storybook that belongs to Ai Shinozaki. Originally, she was created by Shintaro Ishikawa as a messenger software for his daughter. Ryo took her, experimenting on her with many computer viruses (not unlike Lisa Trevor), and thus the Beagles Virus was created with her as the host. Her name is "Ai", same with Shinozaki Ai. This girl can feel the emotions of others, which causes Ai to always lose her track, due to her heart's closure to others (which at first, she blamed on the ComCon, using logical deduction).


i Chan is small girl with red hair and light blue eyes.


i Chan is sweet and innocent little girl.


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