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Haruna Kisaragi (如月はるな Kisaragi Haruna) is Yui's best friend. She was originally meant to be the corrector, but I.R confused her with Yui because of Grosser's intervention. She later became a corrector with Yui.


Haruna has a fair skin, long pink hair and violet eyes. She usually wear her school uniform, white shirt with yellow sweater on top and a blue mini skirt.


Haruna is a mild mannered girl who is believed to be a computer-knowledgeable genius. Originally, Haruna was a very shy girl and she considered herself as a loner. Once she is first approached by Yui at school, she slowly gets better.

Power and abilities[]



  • Haruna is very smart, and very acknowledgeable on computers.
  • Her Element Suit is the only one of the three that includes a midriff section.
  • While Haruna is a gentle girl with everybody, she also envies Yui's bright and friendlier personality.
  • She was Professor Inukai's Chosen One from the very first moment
  • Pretty good fighter hidden in a (compared to Yui) womanly package.



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